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At Winchester Savings Bank, we pride ourselves on making a connection with our customers in the community. This means taking the time to understand your needs, working with you to meet your goals, and providing services that give you more for your money. It also means showing appreciation beyond a simple "thank you".

Current Rates


Personal Checking Options

Personal Checking Accounts

 Student1FreeInterestNEXUSNEXUS Plus
Minimum Deposit to Open $10 $10 $10 $10 $10
Monthly Service Charge None None $10 + $0.40 per check cleared $15 $25
Avoid Monthly Service Charge With Direct Deposit OR
$1000 in Interest Checking Account or in related Statement Savings Account
$25,0002 $200,0002
Earns Interest     Checkmark  Checkmark Checkmark

CD Rate Enhancement

(requires direct deposit to a Nexus or Nexus Plus Checking account)

      0.05% 0.10%
ATM/Debit Card Surcharge Reimbursement3 $20 per statement cycle3      $20 per statement cycle3 Unlimited

1Available to 13-24 year olds. If the primary account holder is under 18 years old, a parent or guardian must be a joint owner on the account. When the primary account holder turns 25 years of age, the Student Checking Account will automatically convert to a Free Checking Account.

2Minimum daily combined loan and/or deposit balance needed to avoid service charges. Qualifying accounts are deposit accounts, residential and consumer loans.

3Surcharges are charged by other banks when you use your WSB ATM/Debit Card at their ATMs. Transactions at ATMs that are part of the SUM and/or MoneyPass networks do not incur surcharges. Look for the SUM and MoneyPass logos on any non-WSB ATMs you use. Visit their respective websites for ATM locations. Student Checking monthly surcharge reimbursement requires enrollment in eStatements.

Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection

We understand there are times your Checking Account may accidentally be out of balance, and that’s why we offer overdraft protection options:


  • Automatically moves money from your Savings to Checking to pay for overdrafts, as long as funds are available.
  • A fee applies each day a transfer is needed. Federal regulations limit this to 6 uses a month in combination with other transfers.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

  • We may cover overdrafts in your checking account up to your available Overdraft Protection Line of Credit limit. Interest is charged only on the amounts you borrow.
  • Exact amount of the overdraft is transferred from the Overdraft Protection Line of Credit rather than a larger minimum amount.
  • Subject to credit approval.

For details on any of our overdraft protection options, please call us.

Nexus Relationship Checking

What Nexus Means To Us and You

As a way of appreciating our best customers, Nexus Relationship Banking offers a host of free features and discounts to those who bank with us the most. To take advantage of Nexus Relationship Banking, you will need a Nexus or Nexus Plus Checking Account. (We will happily convert your current checking account if you wish.) Eligibility is dependent upon certain minimum balance requirements that can be met by combining balances of any Deposit Accounts, Residential Loans, and/or Consumer Loans1.

  • The monthly maintenance fee on your Nexus or Nexus Plus Checking Account is waived if you meet a combined minimum balance requirement1.
  • There are NO monthly maintenance fees on the other deposit accounts within your Nexus Relationship Banking package, regardless of your balance.
  • For Nexus Plus customers, unlimited reimbursement of fees charged at other bank’s ATMs on your Nexus Plus Checking Account2
  • Free basic check orders
  • Free Automatic Account Transfer Overdraft Protection
  • Free money orders, treasurers checks, and certified checks
  • No annual fee for IRA or SEP accounts
  • Free 2" x 5" safe deposit box (subject to availability)
  • A credit for closing on a new WSB mortgage loan when payments are automatically deducted from a checking account3
  • A preferred rate on new or renewed CDs as long as you have direct deposit into a Nexus or Nexus Plus Checking Account
  • A discounted interest rate on our Fixed-Rate Home Equity Loan3
  • A discounted interest rate on your new or used Auto Loan3

All It Takes To Get It All

To take advantage of Nexus Relationship Banking, you will need a Nexus or Nexus Plus Checking Account. (We will happily convert your current checking account if you wish.) Eligibility is dependent upon certain minimum balance requirements that can be met by combining balances of any of these products here at the Bank:

  • Savings Account
  • Home Equity Loan
  • Money Market Account
  • Auto Loan
  • Certificate of Deposit (CD)
  • Personal Loan
  • Residential Mortgage Loan
  • IRA or SEP Account

1 A monthly maintenance fee will be charged to your Nexus or Nexus Plus Checking Account if the combined relationship balance falls below the applicable minimum.*

2 For Nexus customers, receive reimbursement of up to $20 per statement cycle of fees charges at other bank's ATMs on your Nexus Checking Account.*

3 Subject to credit approval. Mortgage loan credit available only once per customer, not available for low closing cost loans or bridge loans.*

*For complete information and eligibility for Nexus and Nexus Plus, please refer to Understanding Your Deposit Account disclosure, the Schedule of Service Charges, and the current rate sheet. Product is subject to change at any time.

Money Market Account

Personal Money Market Account

Our Money Market Account can give you the best of both worlds - earn a competitive rate of interest on your balance, and have the ability to write an occasional check when you need to.  It has multiple tiers providing you with the optimal rate for your deposited funds.  You can open our Money Market Account and start earning interest with a deposit of $2,500. 

Switch Kit

Switch to Winchester Savings Bank

We would love to have you as a Winchester Savings Bank customer! Switching to us is easy!

Thank you for considering Winchester Savings Bank for your banking needs. You’ll be glad you made the switch to friendly personal service by bankers who know you. We know changing banks can be a challenge, so that’s why we have designed this Switch Kit for you. Follow these easy steps, and please ask us for help along the way!

  1. Open your new Winchester Savings Bank checking account.
    • Go to any of our local branches to learn about your account choices or visit our checking options on our website.
    • Sign up for Internet Banking and Billpay.
    • Order your Visa Check Card and checks.
    • Stop using your old checking account- stop writing checks, using your debit card, or initiating automatic payments as soon as possible.
  2. Switch your Direct Deposit(s) to your new Winchester Savings Bank account.
    • Notify your employer or other sources that deposit funds into your old account of your new checking account number as well as the Bank’s routing number 211370888. Complete the Direct Deposit Authorization.
  3. Transfer your automatic payments.
    • Payments such as reoccurring loan payments, insurance payments, health club memberships, utilities, etc. will need to be changed from your old account.
    • Use a copy of your old checking account statement, copies of your latest billing statement with your billing information, and our Automatic Payment Authorization to notify your payees of your new account.
  4. Close your old account.
    • Once all your checks clear, any last automatic payments have been completed, and your direct deposits have been made to your Winchester Savings Bank account.
    • Complete the Authorization to Close Account form and send to your old bank.

When you’re ready to make the change, we’re here to help make it as easy as possible!

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