Personal Savings

Are you looking for a safe, insured place to build up your savings?  Whether you want a little higher interest rate, the convenience of a monthly statement, or a way to target your savings for a vacation or the holidays, one of our savings accounts is sure to help you save.  Please click here for our current rates.

Personal Savings AccountsMinimum Balance to OpenMinimum Balance to Avoid Monthly Service Charge
Passbook Savings $10 $250
Statement Savings $10 $250
Holiday or Vacation Club $1 None

Passbook Savings

The most traditional form of savings account, a Passbook Savings account provides you with a small book into which your transactions are recorded by Bank personnel.  Since withdrawals can only be made in a branch, setting up a regular direct deposit to this account will make saving money easier than ever.

Statement Savings

Our Statement Savings account is ideal for those who are just starting to save as well as those who have been saving for a long time.  It has a tiered interest rate structure, so as your balance grows, you can be sure to get the best statement savings rate available from Winchester Savings Bank.  There is a minimum balance requirement, and there are restrictions on how funds can be withdrawn.  Connect this account to your Winchester Savings checking account, and protect yourself from the occasional overdraft.

Holiday Club/Vacation Club

A Winchester Savings Bank Club account is an excellent way to save for a specific purpose.  Do the holidays always take a bite out of your budget?  Set up regular deposits into a Holiday Club account to save for those presents and parties at the end of the year.  Are you planning a vacation for next summer? Open a Vacation Club account and by May, you’ll have your trip paid for.

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