Other Business Services

WSB offers a variety of other banking services to give you more assistance in managing your account.


Merchant Services

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Now more than ever, businesses are looking for new ways to deliver streamlined and convenient customer experiences. The flexibility of paying with credit cards and debit cards for in-person, mobile, and online sales transactions tops the list. However, offering that convenience comes at a price. Business owners know all too well that the costs of payment processing can add up quickly.

Navigating the complex world of payments can be challenging for businesses of all sizes. That's why Winchester Savings Bank partners with Paystri, a local payment processor based in Salem, MA, to provide the latest payments acceptance technology at an affordable price. Paystri's in-house Customer Success team is hands-on and highly accessible, ensuring that no questions go unanswered.

Benefits of our partnership with Paystri include:

  • Quick and easy merchant account setup
  • Competitive, honest pricing with no hidden fees
  • No early termination fees
  • Access to the latest payments acceptance technology
  • A deep understanding of the needs of local businesses
  • Locally-based support customized for the needs of each business
  • Innovative programs like Cash Discount to offset card processing fees

Talk to any Winchester Savings banker and learn what Paystri can do for your business, or visit Paystri.com/pricing for a complimentary pricing analysis and see how your business can start saving.

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers are a quick and convenient way to send funds from your account to another person or business in the U.S.  or to a foreign institution.  We offer wire transfers from any of our branches.

To receive a Domestic Wire Transfer, you must provide the Bank’s ABA/routing number 211370888 and your account number. To receive a Foreign Wire Transfer in which a SWIFT code is required, please call or come into any Bank branch to get complete details.

To send a Domestic Wire Transfer, you will need to know the recipient's banking information. This will include the recipient's full name, address and bank account number. You will also need the recipient's bank ABA Routing Number and the bank's name and full address.

To send a Foreign Wire Transfer, please call or come into any Bank branch to get complete details.

Outgoing Wire Transfer fees may apply.

Night Deposit

Night Depository

WSB provides our customers with the opportunity to deposit 24/7 in our night depository at our Main Office.

  • Safety of a protected vault
  • Peace of mind knowing checks and cash will be received by WSB
  • All deposits credited to your account the next business day.
  • Convenient location available 24/7

For complete details please contact us

Telephone Banking

Telephone Banking

We have made it easy for you to access your accounts any time by using your telephone. Telephone Banking lets you access account information and transfer funds between accounts from your phone. In the time it takes to call a friend, you can inquire about any of your accounts.

Get Started!

Just call Telephone Banking at 1-800-303-2434, and follow the prompts to begin.

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